About company TENA EDM

TENA EDM s.r.o is a Czech, commercial and engineering company founded in the second half of 2016, originally as a company dedicated exclusively to electro-erosive wire machining.  Initially, we were partners to engineering companies (mainly tool shops) only in the field of electro-erosive wire machining of the parts supplied by them. With growing customer confidence and a great deal of quality work, companies have begun to address us with the requirement to provide on-line production of whole tools and molds, consisting of material purchase, chip machining, grinding, thermal treatment of material, wire cutting, sinking and transport to the customer.

Initially, we made production through co-operation. The enforcing demand has convinced us to expand our workshop by CNC machining centers and other electro-erosive technologies.  With our today's equipment, we respond more flexibly to customer needs, save more time in logistics of previously cooperated parts, have gained financial production efficiency, and now we can devote more time to meeting the needs of our customers. This step involved relocating to larger production areas. For this purpose, we have chosen a production hall in a local engineering park, which we gradually improve and use its potential for future growth in the company.

Location in the engineering park allows us to work with a number of established professionals located in the immediate vicinity of the company in the case of more difficult orders, both in industrial engineering and academic fields. Our goal is to provide long-term and quality cooperation to our existing and new business partners. We do not like mediocrity, we approach everything with maximum deployment. We set only the most demanding goals. We perceive obstacles as challenges that need to be overcome.

     EDM cutting, sinking, drilling ...                     ... CNC machining, that's TENA EDM

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